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Toy Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a lot of dog in a small package, a toy dog breed may be for you. The “toy” part of this breed’s group name refers to size only.

Mid-Sized Dog Breeds

There's nothing average about mid-sized dog breeds. These pups take up just the right amount of room. They are not too big, nor too small, and include a wide variety of breeds.

Large Dog Breeds

There are dogs and then there are DOGS! Large in both size and personality, large dog breeds may sometimes require extra muscle, but they're definitely worth the effort. Bigger may not always be better, but it is ALWAYS impressive!


Terrier breeds are the rascals of the dog world. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all share a mischievous personality and an energetic nature.


Tail-wagging enthusiasm marks the spaniel breed as a family of dogs that live for two things - assisting in the hunt and human companionship, and not necessarily in that order!


The Hound breeds are the original hunting dogs. Some of the oldest breeds of domestic dogs are hounds, which can trace their origins back to antiquity. Images of these breeds are depicted on the walls of the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.


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